Specialists in the field of fMRI products & research

MRA has over 34 years of experience in electronics design and engineering with a concentration in Radio Frequency (RF) engineering. This extensive experience and understanding of RF science will provide you with the industry leading knowledge of MRI compatible product designs and development. All designs are thoroughly beta tested and reviewed in nationally known MRI clinical & research facilities.

MRA offers the following services & products for your MRI department:

Electronic View Window Video System (EVWVS)
**MRI compatible video system to view your patient in the bore as well as multiple views of the overall MRI suite. The best solution to obtain the highest level of shielding is to NOT install a window in your RF shielded room. MRA understands how important it is to view your patient at all times. The EVWVS was developed for the purpose of obtaining the best scan results without compromising patient and staff safety.

fMRI Stimulus Delivery System
**MRA has developed a fully integrated fMRI stimulus delivery system for both clinical and research facilities. The complete system includes the fMRI stimulus delivery console, Windows XP computer system, patient response hand switches, video projection into the MRI bore, and MRI compatible patient headphones.

Complete MRI Scanner Simulator with fMRI Paradigm Simulation
**MRI Simulator that accurately simulates the MRI experience for the patient as well as a complete fMRI simulation package. You can pre-screen your patient for any issues that may cause the patient to cancel their MRI scan. Save money by preventing downtime to your scanner due to patient fear or anxiety. You can train your patients to endure the MRI scanning environment, train them to keep still, and teach them what to expect with your fMRI paradigm experiments. This simulator is capable of running all aspects of the fMRI paradigm except for MRI image acquisitions. It can also be used to test & practice your paradigms and to teach researchers how to use the fMRI stimulus delivery systems.

Eye Tracker System
**Eye Tracker camera with a dedicated computer hardware & software system. The MRA Eye Tracker System has been designed and engineered to provide ease of use coupled with accurate results. The Eye Tracker System has been in development for over 2 years and has been thoroughly tested for over 1 year in a research and clinical facility. The extensive feedback has resulted in an eye tracking camera that is undetectable by the MRI scanner. The Eye Tracker camera aiming is accomplished with the patient OUT of the bore, on the scan bed, with the head coil in the proper position. Once the camera is locked on to the eye, the patient can be moved in and out of the bore without ANY disruption of the camera aiming. No lighting interference occurs with the MRA Eye Tracker System. Ambient light reflections to the pupil have no effect on the eye tracking camera. You can simultaneously perform a complete fMRI paradigm with visual and audio stimulus as well as continuous tracking of a patient's eye. To obtain further information on the MRA Eye Tracker System send an email request to Dennis Presky.

**Consultation, Design, & Engineering for construction of your new MRI suite as well as upgrading your existing MRI suite.

**Radio Frequency (RF) shielding design and engineering.

**RF testing of the MRI suite with a complete report of the shielding capabilities and solutions to improve your suite's RF shielding capacity.

**Fiber Optic lighting system in the RF shielded scanner room. The use of fiber optic lighting prevents the scanner performance losses that can occur with standard incandescent light filament fixtures. Fiber optic lighting also provides the safest method of maintaining your lights without entering the magnetic field with tools and ladders.
To obtain more information on Fiber Optic Lighting of your MRI Suite send an email request to Glenwood Designs

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